How to order

Terms of delivery:
All prices are including VAT (value added tax).
A shipping charge will be assessed for packing and postage throughout Germany at 7,00 € .

Export shipping charges:
20.00 € for shipments to European Union countries.
35.00 € for shipments to other non-EU European countries.

Overseas shipments available upon individual request prior to your order.

On request PayPal payment is possible for international customers.
Advance payment in full is the only .
Wire transfer.
No cash on delivery.
No Credit Cards.
Foreign customs duties are buyer’s responsibility

Funds transfer / bank account:
Beneficiary: Modellbau Luft
International wire payments:    IBAN NR.: DE07 6305 0000 0003 6236 66
                                                   SWIFT CODE / BIC NR.: SOLADES1ULM


Proceeding your order by e-mail:

1.   Send e-mail along with your requests to (kontakt@modellbauluft.de)

2.   By return e-mail, you receive your commercial invoice as an attachment in PDF format
      displaying amount and grand total calculation.

3.   Wire transfer funds (grand total) into our account. Please note: All banking fees are to be
      paid by the ordering customer.

4.   Your order is being shipped upon reception of payment in full.

Modellbau Luft
Manfred Luft
Steinäckerweg 5                                                      89173 Lonsee - Germany
Tel.   +49 7336 784                                                  kontakt@modellbauluft.de

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