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Fascinations in plaster from Modellbau Luft

Customer Info - 23.10.2018
Dear Customers,

For health reasons, we now have to tighten our operations and production. In this context, we no longer offer colored models.

At the turn of the year 2018/2019 we will thin out our previous H0 and N offer and track 0 will be completely eliminated. We will publish a remainder list as soon as possible.

Nevertheless, at the beginning of the year, we will be offering new and, hopefully, interesting models for you, which are already in work.

We will try to do our best to continue our well-known, short delivery times.
Support this please.
Send always with your orders your address and the desired delivery address!

Orders for Christmas:

Attention: Christmas is already on the 24th of December :-).
For orders received until 12.12.2018 we will do our best to ensure that the items you arrive in time.
After the 12th of December we can not guarantee that.

Product List for H0

Product List for N

Product List for Z

Product List for 0 - 0e - 0n30


Color Catalog in german for download

Price- and Orderlist from November 2018

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Modellbau Luft
Manfred Luft
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We are your address for good ideas

We produce handcrafted rarely and very  detailed parts, model buildings and  dioramas individually built to meet customer’s requirements. Also, a choice of handcrafed scenes is available in very small production series. Mostly these are made from plaster, some tiny parts are made from resin and nickel silver.

Our  strong  goal  is fit  and  finish, accuracy  at a highlevel of reality; resulting in an unsurpassed originality

Our  miniatures  are  designed to copy  nature  and   found  in  related technical literature:  These are  individually  engraved by hand, stone by stone. That’s why parts of  ruins and walls have - for example - realistic  mural  thickness and scale sized stones.

Our specialities are:
Castles, ruins, old buildings, caves, US-Narrow-Gauge as well as dioramas.

You a have a question? No problem - send us an email!

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